Food Policy Network

This page, and other pages in the sub-menu are here to support the establishment of a Northland Food Policy Council. Submenu pages are:

About food policy councils – covering the work of food policy councils principally in North America.

Policy areas – identifying the policy work relevant to Northland. Each policy area is further elaborated and also has (or is developing) a policy matrix.

Policy scope – outlining how policy operates from the international level down to the family and individual level.

The New Zealand Food Policy Network – this is an embryonic network – so far consisting loosely of Northland and the Bay of Plenty.

The Northland Food Policy Council – contains our key documents such as our constitution etc (under construction)

Policy and change explores the four domains of change and where policy fits.

These pages are all under development – if you would like to help please contact Peter Bruce-Iri.

Using these pages

If you want to learn more about food policy councils start with the About food policy councils page.

If you are interested in how change happens, access Policy and change. Over time more resources about the change process will be developed.

The Policy areas pages are where policy areas are discussed in more depth. Over time this resource will continue to grow.

Why, how, what

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.55.54 AMIn the video below, Simon Sinek suggests that starting with “why” – the reason for pursuing anything. So why do we want to establish a food policy initiative? For me, policy is an essential part of any change. And I want to see us leave behind much of the industrial food system and the associated damage it does to human health and the environment. I want to see it replaced by a sustainable food system that promotes economic, social and environmental justice. You will have your own why.

A food policy council is one of the “hows” to achieve this. The “whats” are the policy areas we address.

Here is an abridged version of the video – if you want to see the full Ted Talk click here.