Programme day two

Here is more detail about the conference programme and brief biographies of presenters and facilitators for day two. Presentations will be uploaded here after the conference.

This page will develop as presentation plans develop to enable conference participants to engage with the conference kaupapa.

Day two, Tuesday 14 February

9.00: Welcome for day two

9.05: Feedback from workshops

9.30 Global boycott from your own garden, Dr Melissa Gilbert

Click here for a pdf of Melissa’s presentation.

melissa-gilbertMelissa shares the biochemical importance of eating local, seasonal food and thereby shunning mass produce from offshore. If we look after our own health we will ultimately be looking after the planet’s health.

Melissa is a front line Whangarei GP. Up until recently she worked at Northland Environmental Health, probably the leading integrative health clinic in Northland. She shares her passion about the food, health connection at her blog The Integrative Doctor.

10.00 Food recovery: closing the loop and creating new options , Dr Laupepa Va’a, Northland DHB


Laupepa is a Public Health Registrar with the Northland District Health Board (DHB) is working on a major project investigating the feasibility of a more integrated approach to food recovery. He has been busy engaging people involved in food recovery and food access and will share the highlights from his report.

Laupepa is of Samoan descent with a passion for Public health. His interests are in Pacific Health, health inequality and inequity, the social determinants of health, food environments and noncommunicable diseases.

10.30 Morning tea

10.50: Sustainable Diets and traditional food systems Professor Barbara Burlingame, Massey University

Click here for a pdf file of Barbara’s presentation..

barbara-burlingame-web-306x209 The health challenges  facing us in Northland are similar to those faced globally. Barbara will present the global context and share stories of successful responses to these challenges.

Professor Burlingame has returned to New Zealand to advance public health and food systems knowledge as Professor of Public Health Nutrition. She has spent the past 16 years based in Rome, working for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, including the last four as Deputy Director of the Nutrition Division. Her vision for public health in the 21st century involves embracing the agenda of sustainable development. “Within this framework, public health is as much an agriculture and environment sector topic as it is a health sector topic”.

11.30 Panel: Growing Local Production

As sales channels for local produce continue to grow, the bottleneck may be our ability to grow enough to satisfy demand. Our panelists will explore the challenge of growing local production. They will respond to questions from the panel chair. These questions  and panel members will be published here closer to the conference.

12.15 Lunch

1.00 Workshops based on the Regional Food Plan (continued)

1.45 Panel: Food Hubs

There are many potential uses for a food hub, aggregating and distributing produce, added value processing, food recovery and related retail, health and related services. Our panelists will explore requirements for a hub and pathways for establishing food hubs in Northland. They will respond to questions from the panel chair.


2.30: Pulling it all together: imagining a new future.  Clive McKegg, Local Food Northland

Click here for a pdf of Clive’s conference presentation and a supporting document..

clive at banquet

Local Food Northland’s mission is “to establish Northland as a centre for growing and processing tasty healthy foods in ways that build community cohesion, increased economic resilience, improve health outcomes and enhance the natural environment”.  Clive explores why this mission is important.
Clive is a foundational member of Local Food Northland. He grew up in Whangarei and has worked much of his life throughout Northland as a Chartered Accountant advising charities and small businesses, plus in various community development/pastoral roles. He currently directs a company providing software tools to accountants. Clive has done substantial research on developing community wellbeing though a holistic re-localisation approach focussing on our Northland communities. See his blog at

3.00: Afternoon Tea

3.20: Plenary and Conference Close

No doubt this conference will stimulate much thought and create new connections between people in Northland and beyond. The plenary session will enable us to build on our collaboration and to lay the foundations for accelerating our momentum.

Thank you to our sponsors.