Policy matrix – soil

This is a policy matrix. It provides an overview of the scope of policy and related action from the international level down to local level. For clarity, it only attempts to illustrate a sample of policy, including some initiatives. Ideally you will be able to have input and we will find better ways to do that. For now, you can leave a comment below.

   Erosion Land Management  Soil Carbon
 International SDG 15 land


Life On Land

15.3 Halt land degradation & restore degraded land.

15.5 Halt loss of Biodiversity

SDG 3 Health SDG 3:

Health & Wellbeing

3.4 Reduce mortality & morbidity from non-communicable diseases like cancer & diabetes.

SDG 2 Zero hunger


Sustainable Food

2.4 Resilience to change eg climate change, drought, floods etc.




 National  Soil Conservation Technical Handbook  (MfE) Soil Management in NZ  (MPI) Managing our soils in changing climate (MAF)
 Northland Region Highly erodible land in Northland (map) Stats NZ

Northland Soil videos  (NRC)

Northland Soil Maps  (NRC)
 Far North District 
 Whangarei District   Whangarei Growers market
 Kaipara District  Sedimentation studies on Hoteo
 Institution/ Organisation  Centre for Soil & Environment Research (Lincoln)  Soil Food Web NZ Soil Carbon Sequestration Research  (Massey)
 Family/ Individual  Visual Soil Assessment (Landcare) Whangarei Food Co-op Farm-scale composting



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