EVs for the Whangarei District Council!


Update: The Whangarei District Council passed the remits! Its good to live in a city with visionary governance 🙂

Councillor Stuart Bell has tabled a supplementary agenda item for the Council’s meeting on Thursday 30th March – this Thursday!

2. Proposed motion

  1. That Council, before 30 June 2017, adopt an ‘electric first’ vehicle policy to transition our vehicle fleet to full battery and plug-in-hybrid electric vehicles as the current fuel powered vehicles are due for replacement.
  2. That Council applies to the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund to assist with the development of infrastructure within the Whangarei District to encourage, accelerate and support the uptake of electric vehicles by businesses and private individuals.
This is a real opportunity for our District Council to go electric! Please urge your ward councillors to vote in favour (contact details here).
Please encourage your Councillor to support this motion. Think also about asking your employer to make a similar move. If you want more information about fleet purchases, Joe Camuso at the Northland Regional Council will be able to help.

Joe Camuso is a strong advocate for evs and has recently secured further additions to the Regional Council’s fleet. 

Range anxiety

The most popular option for Whangarei ev drivers has been the Nissan Leaf. With newer Leafs (Leaves?) featuring a 30 kw battery, range has now increased to about 170 km – more than enough for most of our daily commutes.


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