Thinking Resilience

In this intro, Richard Heinberg explains the ground covered in the short, online, Think Resilience course. It is a very affordable course and several of us in the Whangarei Transition Towns have done it. We are keen to get together with others to discuss the course material and its implications for our community. Please let me know if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “Thinking Resilience

  1. Hello Jarc, Thank you for sending out this material. However, I am a little puzzled when you say it is very affordable because it is free on You Tube! Or have I watched something else? Best wishes, Jill Nicholls Kaiwaka


    • Hi Jill, I’m not sure how many of the videos are posted on YouTube, but to get access to all 22 videos, additional video links, and links to further reading, there is a $20 enrollment fee. We hope to increase the impact of the thought provoking material by discussing the content and applying it to our local situation. Ciao, John Clarke


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